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Unlimited Golf Lesson PROMO

$199    Call 267.888.7025 for the details.

Offer ends 6/30/2015

Prescription Strength Golf Lessons 4 Ailing Golf Games


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If you think hitting a ton of balls at the range will make you better.  Think not.   

Just because you hit a good shot every once in a while, it doesn't mean you are fundamentally correct.  You are ingraining BAD swing habits and getting a False Sense of Confidence.

Follow 3 LAWS and be compliant.

If you are a beginner, do not go to the driving range at all.  You will be ingraining bad habits at the very beginning.   It's unavoidable.

Call today and get started.


The lessons are SIMPLE yet


all about getting

you to do the 3 

things all good players

do.   The things

all bad golfers

never learn.

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Lessons on Real TurfGrass       Strawberry Green Golf       

1 mile above Boat House Row in Fairmount 

Equipment Provided                    By Appointment Only                    M-F and Weekends


Digital Video Golf Analysis 

Before & After tracks improvement each session

Golf Coach

​Adz Kozlowski