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$65   hour session

$50   3/4 hour session


  So you want to be an outstanding Driver of the ball ?  Then you need to add significant Distance and Accuracy to play the game better. The way you hit the tee shot now doesn't make the cut.

  Learn the critical mistakes that impede your Distance.  You can't fix it yourself.

  We won't let you walk away from the lesson without a complete understanding of what to do.


We specialize teaching the Tee Shot.

The most important shot in golf.

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​95% of our students gain 25+ yds off the Tee.  We specialize teaching you how to hit the DRIVER. 

Starting June 5th

                                                                                      BOGO Golf Pack

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                                                                                      Work on any facet of your game.

                                                                                      Perfect for the first timer.

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