Strawberry Green Golf​

1.5 miles above Art Museum

Real Turf Grass

By Appointment Only 

M-F and weekends


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92% of our students improve 6-8 strokes

Starting June 5th

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                                                                                      Work on any facet of your game.

                                                                                      Perfect for the first timer.

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You can be a better player in no time.

It's just that you don't know what you're doing wrong.  Your friend wants to help you, but he isn't an expert.


There are 7 critical MISTAKES in the

golf swing you need to know about.

You are making 1 or more of these mistakes.

And...regardless how much you

practice you won't get

any better.

Get the diagnosis you absolutely positively need.

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$65   hour session

$50   3/4 hour session

​rickie FOWLER  That finish was AMAZING.

​         ​​Digital Video Golf Analysis